How To Find A Good Waste Removal Company

Finding a good and trustworthy waste removal company can be a challenging task with so many on the market offering so many different things. However, choosing the wrong provider could land you in trouble if they dispose of your waste illegally or irresponsibly, so it is important to choose a reputable one. To aid you in making that decision, we have compiled a list of 5 tips to help you choose the best waste removal company.

Do Plenty of Research

The key to finding a good waste removal company is plenty of research. By looking through the websites of waste removal companies and seeing what they offer and at what convenience, you can quickly gain an idea of whether the company is a good fit for you and your particular job. Some things to consider when researching companies include:

Ensure They Registered With The Environment Agency

It is not unusual to be offered waste collection services by ‘man with van’ providers. However, more often than not these are not actually qualified waste removal companies and therefore are not permitted to collect, transfer and dispose of your waste. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that the waste removal firm you are hiring comes with all of the necessary credentials. In particular, they should be registered with the Environment Agency, which you can check by visiting their website or calling them at 08708 506 506.

Avoid Unsolicited Offers To Take Rubbish Away

It is also not uncommon to receive offers to collect your rubbish by individuals passing by if it is kept in your front garden. If they are offering to remove your rubbish and dispose of it for a charge, it is important that you do your research before agreeing, since you may find that they dispose of it illegally, which can be traced back to you. It is far more legitimate and professional to research local providers of the service online so that you can check their credentials and credibility.

Ask For Paperwork

It is also important to always ask for paperwork. When discussing the rubbish removal job with a potential removal company, you may want to ask for the following things. Firstly, you might ask that they provide details of the site license where the waste is set to be disposed of. Secondly, you can make clear that you will expect a waste transfer note which functions as proof of this disposal and will detail the waste being removed and the waste carrier’s details. You can also ask to receive a proper invoice following the job. All of these things should be provided with ease. In fact, any reluctance or hesitation to provide this kind of documentation, or any other kind, is probably a big red flag and a sign to avoid that firm, as they are typically obliged to provide these things.

Check Online Reviews

Finally, we recommend looking at plenty of online reviews for rubbish removal companies before choosing one. Although you may be able to find testimonials on their websites, we recommend searching them through more impartial sites such as Google Reviews, since these will give a more accurate reflection of previous customers’ experiences of the firm. Alternatively, you could even seek recommendations by posting on local Facebook groups, since then you can ask other users questions about their experience and truly understand how good different rubbish removal service providers are.