Top Questions To Ask Your Next Rubbish Removal Company

When finding the right rubbish removal company for you, many of us forget to ask the most important questions. In fact, some people have horror stories of hiring uninsured, irresponsible or unprofessional rubbish removal companies to collect and dispose of their waste. To help you avoid this nightmare, we have compiled a list of 5 all important questions to ask your next rubbish removal company before they arrive!

1. Are you registered with the environment agency?

Firstly, it is vital that in order to act as a waste carrier and collect and dispose of your rubbish, the company you are hiring must be registered with the environment agency. In fact, since 2014, regulations have said that anyone who transports waste whilst carrying out business activity will need to be registered as a waste carrier with the environment agency and failing to do so is an illegal offence. For this reason, it is always important to check that your rubbish removal company is operating legally when taking your waste and disposing of it. Often, any reputable waste removal firm will be happy to supply you with evidence of this, or you can find out whether they are registered online.

2. Do you manage hazardous waste separately?

It is also important to understand how your rubbish removal will handle your waste, especially if there is a mixture of waste types involved in the removal or if you are disposing of hazardous waste. For context, this can include anything from chemicals to batteries and even asbestos. Essentially, hazardous waste is anything that is potentially harmful to humans or the environment.

Far more precautions are required when managing hazardous waste, and it is therefore important that it is managed separately to general waste. So, it is always a good idea to enquire about how hazardous waste might be treated separately and properly. Typically, this involves only disposing of hazardous waste at authorised sites and often having the right experience and qualifications.

3. What is your record on recycling?

With masses of waste ending up in landfills daily, this is having a very negative effect on the health of the environment. Therefore, it is important to look out for waste removal companies that go the extra mile when it comes to recycling waste. If it isn’t already advertised on their website, it is worth asking the rubbish removal company what their record is when it comes to recycling. Good firms will often guarantee that 80-90% of the waste they collect is recycled in some way.

4. What kind of services do you provide?

Although obvious, many people fail to ask the rubbish removal company what services they provide, since waste removal and clearance is a very broad practice. In fact, if you are looking to get rid of a specific type of rubbish or waste, it is a good idea to see if they are specialised or experienced in that kind of removal. For example, waste which contains large amounts of electronic and electrical waste is often treated differently to general waste and some firms deal separately with this to protect our personal information and the environment. Likewise, some companies might be better trained to manage domestic rubbish removal opposed to commercial rubbish removal. By gaining a better understanding of what the rubbish removal team are best at gives you a good idea of how suitable they are for your project.

5. How disruptive will the service be?

Lastly, it is a good idea to ask how disruptive the service they provide will be. In particular, you should ask about how it might affect neighbours, how long it will take and whether they will require any assistance whilst they conduct the service. By asking these questions you can minimise disruption to your neighbours, your family and your daily routine, all of which makes the rubbish removal process that bit less stressful!