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MoLeNET Success/Impact

MoLeNET is certainly the UK’s, and possibly the world’s, largest and most diverse implementation of mobile learning. Approximately 40,000 learners and more than 7000 staff, in Further Education colleges, specialist colleges and Schools have been involved in MoLeNET

The Learning and Skills Council (now Skills Funding Agency) and consortia led by Further Education colleges have together invested over £16+ million in MoLeNET. During the 3 years, 2007/8, 2008/9 and 2009/10 MoLeNET has funded and supported 104 mobile learning projects involving 147 Colleges and 37 Schools. All projects are supported by the MoLeNET Support and Evaluation Programme led by LSN.

This section includes key messages from MoLeNET phase one research carried out by LSN and institution based practitioner researchers supported by LSN’s MoLeNET support programme.

Summary of this section

  • Retention, Achievement and Progression
    Impact of m-learning on retention, achievement and progression. Outcomes and implications from Phase 1 of MoLeNET relating to retention, achievement and progression
  • Teaching and Learning
    Impact of m-learning on teaching and learning. Outcomes and implications from Phase 1 of MoLeNET relating to teaching and learning.
  • MoLeNET Research
    A page detailing the MoLeNET research strategy