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MoLeNET workshops and seminars

MoLeNET workshops and seminars provided as part of LSN MoLeNET Support and Evaluation Programme for colleges and schools participating in MoLeNET project address the subjects below. If you would be interested in attending similar events or arranging these for groups of colleagues at your institution please inform.

Mobile technology for e-portfolios

The main theme of the programme is to extend the understanding about whether e-portfolios meet learner needs for evidence presentation and storage. There will be a presentation about m-solutions - capturing evidence on the move and, as this session is designed to be engaging and fun, it  will incorporate reflection of practice and a chance to carry out hands-on activities.


The purpose of these events is to give practitioners hands-on experience of producing podcasts for their learners. The event will outline the advantages of using this technology with learners and give illustrations of good practice. Delegates will have the opportunity to produce their own podcasts on their own equipment and to take them back to show colleagues.

m-Assessment and m-evidence

The programme is designed so that participants will be able to use self-created ‘tips and hints’ on how to create good assessment activities for handheld devices. It is a practical session that is fun and engaging and incorporates reflection of practice.

m-Teaching and learning – Tools, Tips and Techniques

To extend the pedagogical understanding of all participants on how to provide good learning opportunities using mobile devices – the tools, techniques and underpinning practice.

Re-purposing content for mobile devices

This event combines advise, hands on practice and sharing of good practise.

Linux training

This course, which shows you how to carry out essential system administration tasks, is intended for existing Linux users who wish to learn more about the administration of a system from the command line.  This course may be of interest to Moodle users and projects deploying Linux versions of mini netbook.

m-learning authoring tools

The focus of this open workshop is to explore mobile learning authoring tools can be used. The workshop will include opportunities for delegates to discuss issues with an expert trainer and to share tips and experiences.

Wireless and WiFi

This event demonstrates how wireless technologies can be used to support teaching and learning with an emphasis on mobile devices.  It covers the various wireless technologies available to colleges and the use of mobile devices with these technologies.  The event also looks at the issues relating to an enterprise (large-scale) level implementation of wireless covering wireless security, health and safety issues and authentication and authorisation.

SMS, Bluetooth and Web 2.0

The purpose of this event is to give practitioners an understanding of how two-way messaging and Bluetooth can be used to enhance teaching and learning. There will be illustrations of good practice and the opportunity to try two-way messaging, mobile blogging and exchange of files with Bluetooth on delegates’ mobile phones and other devices. Delegates will consider how they might apply these to their own settings.