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On-line Events

MoLeNET on-line conferences

Each online conference lasts for approximately one hour or consist of up to four one hour conferences.

Each conference is supported with further links and discussion on the MoLeNET Moodle site. Each conference is recorded with recording available on the Moodle for future reference




I'm having a coffee

Conference on mobile and micro blogging, will include Twitter, Jaiku and Moblog.

Gadget Fest

A conference on a wide variety of gadgets and mobile devices and their capabilities and functionality. Including the PSP, iPod touch, Archos 605, Nokia N810, EeePC, a variety of UMPCs, some phones, and then some...

Image is Nothing

A conference on images, creating images, editing images and using images on mobile devices. The use of images for teaching and learning with an emphasis on cameraphones.

Feeding Frenzy

A conference on RSS feeds and mobile learning. It will cover creating and using RSS feeds for teaching and learning, as well as using RSS feeds on mobile devices.


A conference on an introduction to podcasting, it will focus mainly on workflows

Pedagogically podcasting

A conference and discussion on pedagogy and podcasting.

Where are you?

A conference on GPS and location based learning using mobile devices, it will cover some of the GPS devices out there and how location based learning can be used.

Sounds good

A conference on recording audio, the use of audio editing software, formats.

Lights Camera Action

A conference on recording video, includes capturing, editing, formats, conversion and best practice.

No wires

A conference on wireless networking.


A conference on copyright and IPR

Legal issues

A conference on copyright, data protection, etc…


So where do you go next?

Mobile Communities

A conference on forming, and engaging an online community via mobile devices.


Assessment using mobile devices and technologies.


A conference on learning scenarios and learning activities using mobile devices.

Beyond the technology

A conference looking at mobile learning from the perspective of the mobility of the learner.


Example recordings of a previous on-line conference are available below. This on-line conference took place on 1st February 2008, and was entitled "Lights, Camera, Action!".  It consisted of four sessions:


How shall I video?
This session covered:  the type of things and activities that work well as video clips on mobile devices, how to capture video clips, types of equipment which can be used to create video clips, lighting and sound issues.
View a recording of this session (link: )

How shall I edit video?
This session covered how to import and edit video (Mac and Windows), the issues that need to be considered and how to edit and export video.
View a recording of this session (link: )

How shall I watch the video?
This session covered how to share video with mobile devices, how to share video via a vodcast and how to ensure that learners can access video.
View a recording of this session (link: )

Questions and Answers
This general session provided an opportunity to ask questions from video-on-mobile-devices experts.
View a recording of this session (link: )

Each session lasted approximately one hour.

On-line workshops

These are held on an ad-hoc basis in response to perceived need and/or requests from MoLeNET projects
The on-line events are "presented" using Instant Presenter and backed up by the MoLeNET Moodle.
Initially on-line event invitations will go only to staff working for MoLeNET project partner organisations and a maximum of 50 colleagues can participate in each event.  However for some events invitations will include members of the Wider MoLeNET community.  Also all events are recorded and the recordings are available on the MoLeNET Moodle.  Some of these recordings will also be made available on this site.