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Who's who

The MoLeNET programme team are based at: LSN Head Office

The LSN MoLeNET Programme Team

Programme Manager
Is the Programme Manager for MoLeNET.  She also manages LSN's Technology Enhanced Learning Research Centre. This involves designing and managing research and development projects.  Jill has contributed to the implementation of UK national e-learning initiatives including the Quality in Information and Learning Technology (QUILT) staff development programme and the National Learning Network (NLN). Between 2001 and 2004 Jill was the Programme Manager of the EC 5th framework research and development programme “m-learning” which explored, with partners, practitioners and learners in the UK, Italy and Sweden, the use of mobile phones and palmtop computers to engage young people in learning and help to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Jill is Vice President of the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAMLearn) and she co-chaired MLEARN2003 and MLEARN2004 conferences.

Research and Evaluation
Leads the Research and Evaluation strand of the MoLeNET Support and Evaluation Programme.  She is a senior researcher in the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Centre at the LSN, where she has principally worked in the field of mobile learning and computer games including the m-learning project and the mobile learning teachers toolkit project which enabled teachers and tutors to author or adapt mobile learning materials for the specific needs of their students in their particular context.

Development Advisor
LSN Development Advisor for e-learning and he leads the Continuing Professional Development strand of the MoLeNET Programme.

Development advisor
Development advisor for Technology for learning and he leads the technical courses and development strand of the MoLeNET programme.

Senior Researcher
Senior Researcher in the Technology for Learning team, currently working alongside Carol Savill-Smith on the MoLeNET project. Rebecca has a first degree in Psychology and has previously worked as a researcher for the University of Kent. Her research focussed on social and developmental psychology, specifically investigating interpersonal relations and prejudice reduction. In addition Rebecca has a PGCE and has taught in both the primary and adult education sectors. .

Researcher Supporting
Researcher supporting the MoLeNET programme team and the TEL Research Centre. Guy has a degree in Economics and International Development from the University of Bath. He has experience providing research support at the Department of Trade and Industry and Amnesty International, as well as several years working as a tennis instructor